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Healtheries Goats Milk Bites - Vanilla

  • Healtheries Goats Milk Bite Vanilla sourced from New Zealand and Australian goat’s milk
  • Perfect treat for the whole family
  • Gluten Free

Healtheries Goats Milk Bites - Vanilla

Product Overview

Why use Healtheries Goats Milk Bites Vanilla?

Looking for a convenient and tasty way to enjoy goat’s milk? Healtheries Goat’s Milk Bites Vanilla provide the goodness of New Zealand and Australian sourced goat’s milk in a perfect bite sized treat for the whole family. Pop a bottle in your sports bag, tramping pack or handbag and use as a convenient –treat or snack. Plus they are Gluten Free!

Great for

  • Coeliacs and anyone following a Wheat and Gluten Free Diet 
  • Those who have difficulty digesting cow’s milk
  • A treat for the whole family

Contains no


Allergen Information

Contains Milk

Not suitable for anyone with lactose intolerance

Available in

Tubs of 50 bites

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Enjoy as a treat

Store in a cool, dry place

What’s in it?