Why choose Healtheries?

What if getting the best for your family could be made easy?

You know that looking after your family’s health (and your own) is important. You want to do your best to buy wholesome, nourishing food; and ensure that everyone’s getting the nutrients they need.

At Healtheries, we believe passionately that keeping yourself – and your family – healthy and energised / active should be easy to find, choose and use.

That’s why we offer a range of convenient & healthier food for the whole family.

And we think there are a few reasons you can trust us to keep our promises:

  • We have been recognized by New Zealand: We are pleased to have won the Reader’s Digest "Most Trusted Brand" award for 10 out of the 10 years that there has been a Vitamin and Supplements category.
  • We’ve been around a while: We've been providing healthy better for you food, teas and vitamins and supplements for over 100 years now.
  • We take “high manufacturing standards” to a whole new level: We develop world class supplements and nutrition products at our manufacturing site which is also GMP-certified and MedSafe audited.

Look for products in the Health Food aisle with the Healtheries logo at your supermarket, and make caring for your family’s health EASY!