Our Products

Kidscare Rice Wheels
Rice Wheels are a great tasting mini rice cake that have 70% less fat than regular potato chips making them a healthier lunchbox option that your kids will love.
Kidscare Potato Stix
Potato Stix are a delicious crunchy potato and rice snack, in a convenient single serve packet, making it a great lunchbox option, your kids will love.
Kidscare Potato Curls
Super tasty, crispy little potato curls that are burst with flavour before melting in your mouth.
Corn Pop Bites
A guilt free snack with flavours reminiscent of movie popcorn but with the crunch and crispiness of a chip but less than half the fat.
Potato Pop Bites
A delicious snack with all the flavour of potato chips but less than half the fat.
Goats’ Milk Powder
100% Pure Goats' Milk Powder - spray dried
Milk Biscuits
Healtheries Milk Biscuits are a nutritious snack that provide a convenient calcium and energy top-up for kids, teens & active adults.