10 Apr 2014

How to make a Herb Garden

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You’ll need
  • Pot
  • Some potting mix/soil
  • Herbs (such as basic, thyme, mint and sage)
How to make your herb garden
  1. If you have some stones or gravel, put about an inch in the bottom of the pot, make sure there is a hole in the pot for drainage.
  2. Fill the pot up with soil, stopping about 2 inches from the top. Moisten the soil with water.
  3. Dig a small hole, for the first herb. Remove one of the plants from its container/pot. Loosen the soil around its roots, be careful not to damage them. Put in the hole and pack dirt over top of the root ball. Repeat for the other plants, giving them several inches of room between each other. Water again when finished.
  4. Place pot in sunny position and water whenever the leaves look droopy.

For cooking, cut leaves and stems off the tops first – not the sides.