Food Intolerance and IBS

It can be hard to know what is causing the classic symptoms food allergies, intolerances, sensitivites and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can share. Stomach discomfort can be experienced when a food is consumed that the body is not able to effectively deal with. This may be due to an immune reaction in the case of a food.. read more →

What is Fibre and Why is it important?

Most of us know wholegrain carbohydrates; fruits and vegetables are good for us, and that fibre ‘helps to keep us regular’. Not only do wholegrain and plant based foods provide a good variety of vitamins and minerals; they also are important because of their fibre content. Complex carbohydrates (wholegrain and those which are less refined).. read more →

Carbohydrates – the victim?

Carbohydrates have been the victim of great debate over the past ten years. The popularity of diets which exclude or restrict carbohydrates seems to have lead the public to believe carbohydrates are ‘fattening’ or something which must be avoided at all costs. Carbohydrates served as a staple food during childhood which most likely carried through.. read more →